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Homeschooling problems.

Many times we tend to get a rosy look of the homeschooling life.  Maybe we have seen families who homeschool and their children are so well behaved and so respectful to their parents and so talented.  Or maybe it sounds so easy...stay in pajamas half the day witht he kids snuggled all around you.
  Well, here are some of the problems that I have faced or am facing.
1.  You are with your children all the time.  ALL the time.  That means you absolutely never get a break.   So it is easy to get fustrated or tired out, for you AND for them.  And sometimes you have to just plow through, because the work HAS to get done.
2. Being compared.  Whether you are comparing yourself to your image of homeschooling, or your spouse or loved ones are comparing you, this can be extremely fustrating.  Especially if you live in an area that has a TON of homeschoolers that are seemingly very successful. 
3. Discipline problems.  Homeschooling is a very disciplined task.  If you lack self discipline it is more challenging. Kids aren't going to just sit their quietly and do their work because you tell them to.  you have to constantly tell them to be wuiet and focus on their work.  Especially the 2nd-4th or 5th grades.  Kindergarten you are mostly with that child so they get done quickly. First grade you are trying to train them to do the work themselves, but they still get a lot of your attention. But if you have more than 2 children, you are going to depend on the older ones being able to work independanlty a lot. \
4. Attitude problems.  I don't know what it is, but about 5th grade children seem to think they have all the answers, and whether they are in private school or homeschooled, that answer seems to be go to public school.  This makes homeschooling a challenge dealing with the rebellion and still getting work done.
5. Housework.  If you are having to spend all your time making the children do their work, you will not be able to spend a lot of time on the house.  But a messy house is distracting to you and to your children.  Not to mention I have this image of the perfect housewife having the house spotless and the kids smiling and obedient and respectful and all highly talented.
6.  Finances.  The cost of things keeps going up and up. Living off one income is harder and harder each week.  For us, we are now trying to jugle homeschool with me working a part time job.  Some homeschool mothers work from the home.
7. vast differences in learning styles or maturity rates.   Not everyone has the same learning style, and not every child matures at the same rate.  In my case, I have an 11 yo, a 10 yo, and a 6 yo.  My 10 yo boy is still at a maturity lvl near the 7 yo.  This means I am constanly putting him back on task and he absolutely hates doing paper work.  But he is more on the creative, emotional side of things than the athletic macho side.  So he gets fustrated very easily. 
8. the right curricullem.  This can be tricky.  You may be under pressure to use a certain curricullem, or all of one instead of using different things for different subjects.  Some prefer to use a generic curicullem, and do units all together with the assignments based off the age. 

9 the pressure of testing.  Most states have testing requirements at certain grades.  This can put a lot of pressure on the parent...I mean if your child fails the test you run the risk of loking like a failure.  Forget that not everyone tests well.  

10. If you add all these things together, plus the daily pressures and the normal school stuffs (getting tables memorized or facts drilled, the new puppy/baby, spring cleaning/remodeling, etc....) than homeschooling can be extremely stressful.  You have to reevaluate WHY you homeschool, STOP comparing yourself to other families, make time for yourself, and (most important) seek God's face every day...even if it is only while you are in the bathroom.  Talk with your spouse about the pressures you may be going through...if you are the spouse, be supportive and try to help, not criticize.  See if there is a co-op or homeschool fellowship in your area.   


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Apr. 4th, 2012 07:55 pm (UTC)
This is great list. While I have attitude problems with my teens, it's not that they want to go to public school though. But that's because they've been there. They don't want to go back. I'll probably get that someday with my current toddler though!
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